This Week's Activities

Sunday - October 22nd
  9:00 am Cafe Faith
  9:30 am Sunday School
10:30 am Worship Service
Monday - October 23rd
  9:00 am Bulletin Information Due
  6:30 pm Sweet Adelines
Tuesday - October 24th
  1:00 pm Decorative Painting Ministry
  5:00 pm Weight Watchers
Wednesday - October 25th
  9:00 am Weight Watchers
  9:30 am Men's Bible Study
  5:30 pm Christian Ed Committee Meeting
  6:30 pm Missions Committee Meeting
  7:30 pm Adult Choir Rehearsal
Thursday - October 26th
                No Scheduled Church Activities
Friday - October 27th
                No Scheduled Church Activities
Saturday - October 28th
  8:30 am Women's Bible Study
  8:30 am Men's Bible Study
Sunday - October 29th
  9:00 am Cafe Faith
  9:30 am Sunday School
10:30 am Worship Service
11:30 am Congregational Meeting
                Election of New Elders
Tales From the Bible by Mike Southern

Just Old Dry Bones


When most people hear the word ‘prophet,’ they think about somebody who predicts the future. But in the Bible, it means more than that. A prophet gives messages from God to His people. Sometimes those messages might tell the future, but they are always given to help His people at that moment in their lives—perhaps to warn them of punishment for wrongdoing, or encourage them to stay true to what they believe in hard times.

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Whatcha Got Cookin' by Ellen Watts

It's that glorious time of year when the vegetables and fruits are really coming in season. These two recipes are Margaret Burks’s specialties, both recipes could be made from fresh vegetables straight out of the garden.


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Dusting Bookshelves

The Presence of God


I just came back from a walk by the Lake, not a sunrise walk, but a sunset walk.  I thanked God with just about every step for His presence, His rest, His peace.  All was quiet, except for the occasional sound of a bird or a duck or of the breeze blowing through the leaves of the trees

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Conversations With Kae

This month we Celebrate Eileen MacHardy.



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