This Week at First Presbyterian
Sunday - July 5th
The Sacrament of Communion
  9:30 am Sunday School
10:30 am Worship Service
11:45 am Fellowship Committee Meeting
Monday - July 6th
  9:00 am Bulletin Information Due
  6:30 pm Sweet Adelines
Tuesday - July 7th
  1:00 pm Decorative Painting Ministry
  5:00 pm Weight Watchers
  7:00 pm W&M Committee Meeting
Wednesday - July 8th
  9:00 am Weight Watchers
  9:30 am Men's Bible Study
  5:30 pm Youth Gathering
Thursday - July 9th
                 No Scheduled Church Activities
Friday - July 10th
                 No Scheduled Church Activities
Saturday - July 11th
  8:30 am Women's Bible Study
Sunday - July 12th
  9:30 am Sunday School
10:30 am Worship Service
Cat Tales from Kitty Thach

A June Staycation

(Part I)

I love vacations right here at home.  There isn’t the stress of getting the car serviced, and arranging cat care, and packing. 


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VBS Special Edition
June 26, 2015
Ellen Watts


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Tales From the Bible

The Babbling Builders


Among those who believe there really was a Tower of Babel, there’s a big argument about how tall it might have been.  Some historians say that the “reaching to heaven” description is common when describing temple towers and tells us nothing about its actual height.  

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First Presbyterian Bulletin Board

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