This Week's Activities

Sunday - April 22nd
  9:00 am Cafe Faith
  9:30 am Sunday School
10:30 am Worship Service
Monday - April 23rd
  9:00 am Bulletin Information Due
  6:30 pm Sweet Addelines
Tuesday - April 24th
  5:00 pm Weight Watchers
Wednesday - April 25th
  9:00 am Weight Watchers
  9:30 am Men's Bible Study
  5:30 pm Christian Ed Committee Meeting
  6:30 pm Missions Committee Meeting
  7:30 pm Adult Choir Rehearsal
Thursday - April 26th
                No Scheduled Church Activities
Friday - April 27th
                No Scheduled Church Activities
Saturday - April 28th
  8:30 am Women's Bible Study
  8:30 am Men's Bible Study
Sunday - April 29th
  9:00 am Cafe Faith
  9:30 am Sunday School
10:30 am Worship Service
                EGGS Presentation
Tales From the Bible by Mike Southern

A Game of Thrones

There’s a reason that novels and movies about the power struggles between kings continue to catch the imaginations of readers and viewers. It’s because battles for the control of a country’s throne are as old as time itself.

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My First Year at Eggs

Just a Humble Egg-maker

Kathleen L. Thach


Spring has always been my favorite time of year and Easter my favorite holiday.

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From the Pastor

"What Does Easter Mean?"

We often forget that Easter is not only a day in the church year, but is a season as well, a season in which we remember and focus upon the resurrection of our Lord, and what that means for us and for the world.


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2018 Easter Egg Poem


Each year Ellen Watts creates a wonderful poem describing the efforts of our valued egg makers.  To read this year's poem, click on read more.

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