Tales From the Bible by Mike Southern

The Power of a Humble Heart

Mike Southern
Augusty 2017

It’s very easy to read the book of Esther and see only a series of historical events, a tale of God working on behalf of His people to save them from certain destruction. And yes, it certainly is that… but it’s so much more.

The book of Esther tells the story of a young Jewish woman named Esther and how God used her to save His people. But it also tells the story of a king named Xerxes, the most powerful ruler in the world of his time, and how his love for that young woman changed the course of an entire empire… as well as the course of his own life. For you see, even after Haman’s evil had been exposed, his queen’s life was still in danger. Xerxes’s love for Esther caused him to make decisions that would seem unbelievable if a modern leader made them.

For all the miracles God performs in the book of Esther, the miracle of one king’s love for his queen may be the most amazing of them all. And that story is told in Esther 8-10.

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The Power of a Humble Heart

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