2013 Easter Egg Poem


              Spring Has Sprung

Spring has sprung and the dew has fallen
Soon the Easter Bunny will come a callin’.

The Eggs are done for one more year
We sold ‘em all, never fear!

Our Union Rep, Becki, kept us all in line
She asked for a raise more than one time.

Poor Linda was in the kitchen with all those men
Rusty, Sam, Floyd and Spence, wonder if she’ll come back again.

Rogers kept a workin’ when there was much to do,
And Skip, please keep your day job, mixing just may not be for you.

Jean, Mary Lou, Nancy, Ginger and more,
Molded each egg that would go out the door.

The chocolate melters worked to make it quite smooth,
Burch, Mike, Randall and George, got into a groove.

The partners in crime worked together to dip,
Becky and Judi seemed joined at the hip.

Andy and Kay never failed to start first each day
They dipped ‘em and slung’em with no time for play.

Lynda, Janice, Hamp and Phyllis popped eggs in the pot
‘Till each one was covered, no matter how tired they got.

The wrappers worked hard to wrap each to perfection
With Jean, Berlene, Bobbie, Carole, Becky and Joyce
Wrapping until all were completed, Let’s rejoice!

Some made sure we had great refreshments to eat,
Like, Fran, John, Millie, and Anne, how sweet!

Some folks are just invaluable, because their job is so unique
There’s Rosalie, Donna, Bob, Konnie and Jan working, especially during our peak

There are those who work tirelessly at whatever the chore
Such as Priscilla, Gerry, and Janet cleaning the tables, the trays, or the floor.

We all look to Faye to keep us all straight,
As she counts the months, weeks, days, and hours until this date.

There are many names I have not mentioned but your value is true.
We couldn’t do what we do, if it were not for you!  

There are people who count on what we provide
These charities without us might not survive.

So bring on the smiles the laughter and cheers
We‘ve  managed to do this now for 23 years.

Yes, Spring is finally upon us and Easter is here, too
We can now relax and enjoy our time for our work is finally through!

Ellen Watts
March 21, 2013