2013 Top Ten Things You Should Know About Eggs



Nobody is very interested in buying chocolate covered Easter Eggs in January. And not many people are interested in making them in January.    


Eggs dipped in chocolate, when dropped must stay where they are dropped whether it is in the place you want it or not!    


The women shaping the eggs will be polite to a man who wants to shape eggs, but they really aren’t very welcome.    


If you go to Granny’s and pick up donuts, you must take them in the kitchen, cut them in half, and hide them until break time or there won’t be any left at break time.    


Speaking of break time, get a cup of coffee before Faye announces break time or she’ll yell at you to get out of the kitchen and you won’t get a cup of coffee after break time, ‘cause she won’t let you make any more.    


Is it five rows of chairs with six in each row? Or is it six rows of chairs with five in each row???    


After you have wrapped the eggs and the box is full, get yourself up, and take them either to the closet or wherever Jan wants them, the box will not get up and go by itself.    


If you have an egg order or you want to place an order, watch to see if Jan is counting before you start talking, otherwise, Bless Her Heart, she’ll have to count them over again, and again, and again.    


Be careful, when asking someone who has joined us to talk about how the money we donate is used. This can create a lengthy break time.    


The number one thing to know about eggs, is that Skip had to run the mixer instead of Rusty one day and it was as quiet in the kitchen as it was at Roy Williams’ house after the ACC tournament.    

And the last thing you need to know about eggs is,

we made them,

we sold them,

they are good,

and we’re done!


Ellen Watts

March 2013