2014 Easter Egg Poem

A Challenging Year of Eggs

  Ellen Watts --April 2014


Well, it’s that time of year again, when the egg- making is through.

We’ve done our best, in spite of the test, to do the best we knew.

This year has been a challenge, with a few obstacles in our way.

The weather trying to do all it could, to keep us in dismay.

But it didn’t keep Jean, Berlene, and Phyllis at home..

They got in their cars and decided to the church to roam!

There has been so much sickness with colds and the flu.

Pneumonia struck Gerry, and Faye was laid up, too.

Something made John’s heart go aflutter anew.

And Rosalie had to take time off for surgery that she was due.

We’ve gotten the job done because on so many we depend,

The Presbyterians, the Baptist, the Quilters and friends

We’ve had some great devotions, especially with Willie and someone wailin’.

(I didn’t know the songs too well, and my voice was often failin’).

We had some challenges with the poor, ugly, little eggs

And some of the tables that didn’t want to wear legs.

Rusty spilled the sugar, not one time, but two

He might get demoted, who knows what he might do.

Faye said the eggs were ugly, their feelings she wasn’t aware.

They left the building anyway and were sent for sale everywhere.

We’ve all done our share some in new positions this year.

Andy counting and bagging eggs as a part of his new career.

We’ve welcomed new folks like Marge, Jeff and Nancy

They learned rather quickly, the eggs must look fancy!

The sales have been slower, Seafood Shack’s sales are down

But the guy at 66 Diner is happy the eggs are sold in our town.

We even trained a Presbyter, Dianna’s one of a kind.

And then the police showed up, raising money for kids was on their mind.

We are tired and sore and need a good rest.

In spite of our challenges we’ve all done our very best.

The eggs will all be gone soon, to Easter baskets everywhere.

The charities we give to, will all get their fair share.

As we strive to make Kernersville a more wonderful place,

Where God is in our midst and bestows to all, his magnificent Grace.