2016 Easter Egg Presentation

During Worship Service on Sunday, April 24th, First Presbyterian’s Egg Ministry presented donations to the following organizations to assist them in their services to the Kernersville community. 

Kernersville Police Department – Camp for Kids
Kernersville Fire Department – Safety Seat Program
Crisis Control Ministries
Next Step Ministry
Local Schools’ Student Needs Program
Kernersville Branch Library – Purchase of Children’s Books

Donations were also made to First Presbyterian’s Graduating Youth Scholarship Fund and Mission Team


Prior to the presentation Ellen Watts recited her annual Easter Egg Poem

Faye Hodges, Chair of First Presbyterian’s Egg Ministry, made the following remarks during her presentation of the donations:

“We have successfully completed our 26th year of making chocolate covered peanut butter and chocolate covered coconut Easter Eggs.  We made approximately 76,000 eggs this year.
Farmers Hardware was our number one seller – Highway 66 Diner was second -- and Plaza Restaurant came in third.  Now -- If the Easter Eggs or the walls in the Fellowship Hall could talk --  we could write a number one best seller book.

“Each year we say this was our best year.  I'm not sure I would say that this year -- but it was very successful.  We had to cancel our first week of production because of bad weather.  For various reasons, several of our regular workers who were not able to help this year. We struggled -- especially in the beginning -- but within a week or so, our helpers increased in numbers,

“We had several new volunteers in the kitchen, including our Pastor, Kevin Conley.  Thank you, Kevin, for adjusting your schedule to help.

“We usually had enough people to shape our eggs but we missed some of our regulars in that area also.

“Our dippers did very well -- we had at least one new and faithful volunteer.  Of course we missed Kay the last few weeks.  She was trying to help the kitchen crew and decided to empty the garbage.  As we know, she fell and not only broke her foot but had to have surgery.

“Then there were our wrappers.  Now that is where we could get most of our material for our best seller.  Several of these volunteers were at the church before 8:00 each morning. I felt guilty if Andy and I arrived even a minute after 8:00, as they were waiting for the door to be opened.  I might add that most of these early wrappers were community volunteers.

“Some of our other areas included -- measuring our ingredients; answering the phone for orders; selling eggs to walk in customers; receiving online orders; filling delivery orders; melting chocolate; counting money; pre-bagging eggs for sale; and, of course, delivering our eggs to the businesses who sold our eggs.  Konnie delivered until she had to have knee surgery and we missed her the last few weeks.  We had wonderful, dedicated and hard working people in all of these areas.

“Then our last -- but not our least -- was our paper cutting area.  Wendell Watson had been cutting our wrapping paper for years. He had a stroke one day after eggs and passed away several days later.  During our devotion, share and prayer time each day after that, someone would always mention Wendell.  

“Wendell Watson was a simple and quiet person --- and above all he was truly a gentleman and is missed by all.

“Why am I telling you all this -- I think it’s important for us as a congregation -- you as an organization -- and all of us as a community to realize and understand the importance and the work put into this ministry.  I seldom say project any more because it is truly a ministry. It could not and would not be successful without our community.  We are happy to share our contributions with these organizations today.”


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