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Blessed are the peacemakers,

for they will be called children of God.

                                                                Matthew 5:9 (NIV)

First Presbyterian Church’s Website


Information and material submitted for publishing on First Presbyterian’s Website should be pertinent to the church or the community.  The Website Committee reserves the right to review all submissions for language, content and appropriateness.


Documents containing Information/material must be in a text format such as Word (.doc or .docx) or Rich Text Format (.rtf). 

Photos must be JPEG (.jpg) and be sized to 640 pixels by 480 pixels with a resolution of no more than 96 dpi.  Please check your camera/phone photo settings before taking pictures to make sure you have it set to the option closest to these dimensions and resolution.


The Website is updated on Friday.  Deadlines for submission of information and/or material is as follows:

Announcements for Online Bulletin Board:  All announcements for posting on the Online Bulletin Board must be submitted to the Church Secretary by noon on Monday for publishing on Friday.

Ongoing Columns/Articles:  The Website Committee will coordinate with authors of established columns and articles to schedule submission dates as appropriate.

New Features or Articles:  Suggestions or ideas for new features or articles must be submitted in writing to the Website Committee.  The Website Committee will review for feasibility at their next committee meeting and advise their decision.

Special Events:  Requests for website publicity of future special events, or website publicity during the event itself, should be submitted to the Website Committee in writing at least 30 days prior to the event.  The Website Committee will then review the request to determine the feasibility of the request.


Announcements for the Online Bulletin Board should be emailed to the Church Secretary 
<click here to email the Church Secretary>
All other requests should be emailed to the Website Committee
<click here to email the Website Committee>


FPC Website Committee
Amy Evans, Jane Johnson,
Rosalie Nicholson, Spencer Sharp,
Skip Smith, Mike Southern, Kitty Thach
Rev. Kevin Conley, Interim



Photo Albums

A collection of photos taken at various events at First Presbyterian Church.

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Introducing Our New Church Calendar


We are pleased to introduce our new Church Calendar -- your source for all the activities at First Presbyterian Church. 

Click on the icon at the left to go straight to the calendar OR click on Read More to learn about the features it offers.


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Welcome Rev John Pruitt


First Presbyterian Church is proud to welcome Reverend John Pruitt as their Pastor.



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Click on the desired quarter to view the Newsletter.

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Conversations With Kae

This month we Celebrate Lucy Dillon.



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Dusting Bookshelves

Really Hungry


From time to time I get really hungry for substantive spiritual food.  Sometimes I find it in sermons.  Often I find it in books.


Spiritually hungry, I recently dusted off Richard Foster’s book titled *Prayer: Finding the Heart’s True Home.


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Whatcha Makin' Now by Dee Barham

Spring Flowers

Trusting you are enjoying our interesting Spring weather.  Lately, you truly can wait 24 hours for a change if you don't like the current day's forecast. 

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Whatcha Got Cookin' by Ellen Watts

This recipe is something I kinda live on in colder months but with squash and zucchini soon being plentiful I thought I'd share this recipe so that you can make it now and freeze it for the winter.

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