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A collection of photos taken at various events at First Presbyterian Church.

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I wanted to take a few moments to share with you some information about a new communication tool we will be using here at First Presbyterian Church.  Thanks to a generous donation from our Egg Committee we have been able to purchase a “phone tree” system.


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Conversations With Kae

This month we Celebrate Eileen MacHardy.



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Dusting Bookshelves

The Presence of God


I just came back from a walk by the Lake, not a sunrise walk, but a sunset walk.  I thanked God with just about every step for His presence, His rest, His peace.  All was quiet, except for the occasional sound of a bird or a duck or of the breeze blowing through the leaves of the trees

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Whatcha Makin' Now by Dee Barham

Spring Flowers

Trusting you are enjoying our interesting Spring weather.  Lately, you truly can wait 24 hours for a change if you don't like the current day's forecast. 

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Whatcha Got Cookin' by Ellen Watts

It's that glorious time of year when the vegetables and fruits are really coming in season. These two recipes are Margaret Burks’s specialties, both recipes could be made from fresh vegetables straight out of the garden.

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