Introducing Our New Church Calendar

We are pleased to introduce our new Church Calendar -- your source for all the activities at First Presbyterian Church.

Here are some of the features that you might find helpful.

  1. The calendar will display the current month in calendar format.  To see only the current week in calendar format click on "Week".

  2. By clicking on "List" you can see a listing of scheduled events for the current day, the current week or the entire month.  To return to the normal calendar view click on "Calendar".

  3. You can select which month you want to view through either the drop down menu by the month name or by selecting "Previous Month" or "Next Month".  These appear above and below the calendar at the left and right respectively.

  4. You can send an invitation to an activity or ask for a reminder notice to be sent to you.  Let's say you want to invite someone to the Men's Bible Study on April 26th.  On that day click on Men's Bible Study.  This will bring up a window in which you can either invite someone or send a reminder.  Fill in the name and email fields and click Send.  (Please note you can send to only one email address at a time.)

  5. Featured Events, such as VBS, Mission Trip, Holiday Market, etc., will also scroll at the top of the calendar.

Click here to acess our new calendar. 

In the future you will be able to access the calendar by clicking on this calendar icon which will be on the Home Page directly above "This Week's Activities"  

If you have any questions or comments please direct them to Jane Johnson our Church Secretary.