Tales From the Bible by Mike Southern

"Tap, Tap"

Mike Southern
May 2019

If you listen to some people, you might get the idea that God is very predictable—that is, He will always act in exactly the same way every time a similar situation comes up. But our God’s ways aren’t always so easy to anticipate because we don’t understand the ‘why’ behind His actions.

And sometimes we see this unpredictability in the Bible. The problem is that sometimes we don’t recognize that we’re reading two different stories. After all, the situations appear almost the same!

But today’s story—I mean, stories—are different. We know the stories are different because Aaron’s sister Miriam is alive during the first one but has died before the second one happens. These two stories come from Exodus 17:1-7 and Numbers 20:1-13.


"Tap, Tap"

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