2018 Easter Egg Poem

The Joy of Egg Making


The psalm says joy comes in the morning.
But I think we have found,
That joy comes during this time of Lent
When Eggs are all around!
There’s joy in the kitchen with Jim, Floyd and Skip.
There’s the collegiate rivalry of Chess, Tom, Rusty, Amy, and Mark.
We’re happy to have Paulo here visiting Spence, what a win!
The kitchen is a great place for an egg to begin!
Even though Skip can’t follow a recipe,
Man, that’s a bummer!
I’ll help you fill out the form for
The Y’s Little Chef’s Cooking School held here each summer!
The joy of shaping Eggs is really an art.
Marge, Toma, Trudy, Gerry, and Nancy certainly do their part.
The most joyous of all are the three chocolatiers.
Joe, Mike, and George are very happy volunteers.
Dipping eggs in chocolate is joyous at its end they say,
Ruth, Anne, Nancy, Lynda, and Kay.
Barb, Kelly, and Linda, make each egg a delight.
Creola, Bobbi, Hazel, Sam, Kitty, and Helen wrapped each egg tight
In paper cut by Deryel and Courtney pink and purple as it can be.
Eggs are brightly wrapped by Margaret, Jessica, Catherine, Carla, Judy and Ina.
Some are placed in boxes gently as though they were made of fine china.
Andy and Joyce count and bag eggs which quickly go out the door.
It isn’t long before they hear “ I need peanut butter eggs, can you bag some more?”
Ellen, Fran, and Rosalie manage distribution and sales
With the phone ringing, online orders, walk-in sales and little details!
While John and Konnie make sure they are available around town.
Bob and Donna count coins and Becky writes the money down!
There are two egg makers whose jobs are everywhere.
Priscilla and Faye scrape chocolate, sweep, covers tables (and I think swear)
They move tables and chairs, wrap eggs, count eggs,  and at devotion time gives a shout!
And every Friday they stay right here, all day, making sure each order goes out.
We’ve weathered the challenges of some snow and even the news,
The theft of some eggs, the police and fire crews.
We have had some kitchen challenges, an order mix up or two
We did manage to get boxes, more than we will need when we are through.
Now, all that adds up to joy throughout the Kernersville land
The joy of making eggs
The joy of selling eggs
The joy of buying eggs
The joy of helping others
The joy of doing God’s work.
Yes, JOY does come in the morning!
Monday morning, Tuesday morning and Thursday morning!
Seven weeks before Easter!
Ellen Watts
March 22, 2018