2019 An Easter Ballad

An Easter Ballad


I met a bunny on Oakhurst Street.

He was quick with a word as well as his feet.

When first I met Alfred, he said was his name;

And as his story unfolded, I knew he had some fame.


He said, “About Easter time the strangest thing takes place,

People fill up this hall at an alarming pace.

About 8 o’clock they start to arrive,

And just before noon they go out of the drive.”


Alfred added, “I don’t know what happens, I really can’t see,

I hide in my spot just around that oak tree.

There are men in the kitchen, that much I know,

And they are mixing up something and moving to and fro.

Using little scoops, they scoop out a glob

And take it right out, I guess that’s their job.

I saw some ladies and even a man or two

Roll that stuff around until they are through.

And then I saw with my very own eyes

They dropped those blobs in chocolate to my great surprise!


It surely smells good when all those folks work

But the noise and the smells make a bunny go beserk!

Now farther away I saw what was hard to believe,

But they put those chocolate blobs in a little foil sleeve.


Then wrapped them up tightly and boxed them away.

You know they stopped only for a time to pray.

Now farther down the place I saw people coming and going

With boxes and bags and their faces all glowing.


Why, what do you think I saw to my surprise?

These people were leaving with, what must have been a prize!

I heard laughter and glee and the sound of joy,

As each one of those things must be better than a toy!


There’s a sign out front about EGGS at this place.

Surely those blobs aren’t what is made in that space!

An egg can cause that much strong delight?

Why, if that’s so I must ask for a bite.”

He said, “No one stopped so he was scared to ask

And who could I draw away from their task?”

“Now that I’ve met you”, he quickly spoke,

Won’t you give me a bite, this really isn’t a joke?”


I asked him quite politely if an order had been placed.

And his reply was, “No Mam, I just want a taste.”

It was necessary to explain, “We have a limited amount

But if you will wait right here, I’ll go take a count.

What flavor do you want, you know we now have four?”

I said, as I quickly headed for the door.


I returned with a peanut butter egg, and gave it to him quick!

“It’s mine,” he said, “So this isn’t a trick?

It really is mine, I don’t have to call or go online?”

His response then was, “Now, Lady this certainly is fine!”


So, Alfred had his first egg and now he is hooked.

He’ll be back next year as soon as the season of Lent is booked!

Alfred bid me Adieu, and was gone as quickly as he came

A very happy bunny, who will never be the same!


Ellen Watts
April 11, 2019