2019 Eggs Community Presentation

Each year First Presbyterian Egg Ministry has offered financial support to various charities and endeavors in the community.  In 2019 we provided support to:  Kernersville Police Department's Camp for Kids, Kernersville Fire Department's Safety Seat Program, Crisis Control, Next Step Ministries, Kernersville Local Schools Student Needs Program, Kernersville Library for Children's Books, Kernersville Police Department's Christmas Shop With a Cop Program, Shepherd's Center, and First Tee of the Triad -- Teaching Youth Core Values thru Golf.  In addition, the Egg Ministry provides support for First Presbyterian's Scholarship Fund and Youth Mission activities.

On June 2, 2019 a presentation of the donations was made to the representatives of these organizations.  In making the presentation Mrs Faye Hodges made the following remarks:

"I would like to welcome everyone here today and especially our guests for taking time to attend our presentation of Egg Project funds.

"This was our 29th year.  Just think- 29 years of making chocolate covered Easter Eggs!  Each year we think —this project cannot get any better! But — each year it does get better!

"Who would have believed mixing peanut butter, coconut and other ingredients and dipping them in chocolate would make such a wonderful treat.

"When Donna Myers and Norma Stikeleather started this project, it was in their kitchen.  Now 29 years later, it is a mass production.

"Each year - we need more and more help.

"I think the first year they made about 2,500 eggs -- this year we made approximately 80,000 eggs.

"I have always said it’s hard to determine exactly how many we make each year because some are large, and some are small. BUT when they are dipped in our delicious chocolate, no one seems to care the size.  Our volunteers seem to grow in numbers each year. We averaged 50-55 people most days. We had a group from the Methodist church come one day — and continued every day after that.

"We had a retired pastor who came every Monday -- he was such a joy to everyone who had the opportunity to talk to him.  It’s people like this who truly help make a difference.

"Unless you are here, it’s hard to realize how many different jobs and how many people it takes to make this project successful.

"God helps us in every way. No matter how busy the morning goes, we always stop and have a devotion and share time. We definitely need to give God the glory for our success.

"Even with the situations we faced daily, there was always someone there ready to help!

"We sold eggs every morning and afternoons during our project. One day, a lady came in to buy eggs, and she shared with Ellen some very serious health issues. Ellen invited her to come to church.

"Since then, she and her family have visited our church and also attended our Wednesday night GATHERING.

This is just another example that this project is not just making Easter Eggs. It’s God’s plan for us to share and witness to others.

"Through the years, we have lost quite a few volunteers.

"This year was no exception.

"Unfortunately this year, we lost two of our most dedicated egg makers. Last August Kay Sudderth lost her battle with cancer, and in March of this year, we lost my husband Andy.

"Kay and Andy ALWAYS dipped eggs together! We always said they were not the neatest dippers, but they were the fastest. I would spend most of my time trying to separate the eggs because they had chocolate everywhere.  This really created a challenge trying to wrap them!

"Kay loved working and socializing during eggs.  Andy was very dedicated to this project too, but he enjoyed socializing even more than dipping eggs.  Remembering Kay and Andy made the days seem a little better!

"Seeing and talking to our egg makers each day was GREAT therapy. I could not have made it without the kind words and love shown to me.



"We hope our contribution that we share with each of your organizations will make a difference.  We feel that all of you make a difference to our community.

"Thank you for helping with eggs and encourage you to continue.

"We thank you for the work your organization does for our community!"

                                                                                                       Faye Hodges -- June 2, 2019

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