Congratulations to Donna Myers!


Congratulations to Donna Myers for being selected as a featured artist in the February 2015 issue of The Decorative Painter, the official publication of The Society of Decorative Painters.


“Simple Glass Painting” by Donna Myers provides step by step instructions on how to create the beautiful glass wine glasses and Christmas ornaments that are one of her specialties.


In the introduction to her article Donna writes:   “Painting on glassware is addictive.  These wine glasses are part of a Flower of the Month series.…my series….not Hallmark’s!  The more you paint, the more possibilities you will imagine. If you can paint on glasses, you can paint on plates, bowls, and cups.  You can create entire place settings for holidays, weddings, bridal showers…the possibilities are endless.

“Glass ball ornaments aren’t just for Christmas.  They can be designed to match any room décor, or painted with your state bird or flower.  Give them as a birthday gift displaying that month’s flower or gemstone.  In Germany, painted glass ornaments are hung on long ribbons and displayed in windows all year long.  Start with my designs, but don’t stop there!  Let your imagination wander.”



Be sure to visit the display of painted glassware by Donna located in the Narthex of First Presbyterian Church.


Donna is a certified Teacher of Decorative Arts (TDA) from the Society of Decorative Arts as well as a Heritage Teacher and a Deco Art Helping Artist.  She teaches a weekly decorative arts painting class.  For more information click here.