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Mission Trip 2016

Friday, July 29, 2016

Months of planning, fundraising, praying, arranging, praying, organizing, and more praying, and the 2016 Mission Team has now completed their journey to Conway, SC.  This was a different journey in many ways.  We were not working to improve a family’s home; we were working to assist the existing dream of an ongoing outreach mission.  Thursday morning we got to visit the current place of operations for Fostering Hope in Conway.  The building we were working in is many times larger and will help make it so much easier for this existing ministry to organize and serve their surrounding population.  From what we have heard, the need is large.  Ms. Tabby’s dream is moving forward, and it has been an honor to be a small part of making their ministry better able to serve.


We had a chance to explore on our own Friday morning.  A trip back to the Myrtle Beach boardwalk area for some last minute souvenir shopping. Nobody wanted to swim in the ocean anymore due to the seasonal hatching of the new crop of jellyfish.  Quite uncomfortable when they get inside your swim wear!  A little exploring of some of downtown Conway shops, a local grill for lunch and we were ready to check out of our rooms at St. Paul’s church and head home.  Some of the family members and the team members who had headed home earlier in the week, were able to meet up with us at Applebee’s in Greensboro for our traditional Friday night sit down dinner.


We cannot thank all of you enough.  For your prayers, notes, support of our Rent-A-Youth program, financial donations, more prayers, and encouragement; we are forever grateful.  It is amazing what can be accomplished when we work together as a united family in step with God’s purpose.  We are blessed! 


Thanks from the FPC Mission Team!

Mr. Rich Entertaining the
Souvenir Shoppers

Ice Cream Break on

Myrtle Beach Boardwalk

The Final Crew with
Callie from Team Effort

Before Heading Home


Arrival Dinner in Greensboro
All Safe at Home!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Our final day on the work site and we are wrapped up.  We accomplished a lot this week.  Again we can all be so proud of this group.  Even though the size of the group dwindled from the starting 14 we still powered through and the Fostering Hope mission will have some nicer space to work in as they move over to their larger facility.  Even today we were slinging sawdust as a Ms. Tabby dream of a wall to frame in the displays in the front window became a reality.

We did get some free time this afternoon and headed for the beach.  Some did some souvenir shopping, but those swimming soon discovered that this is the season for the hatching of the jellyfish, and their little stingers are still powerful enough to create a bothersome itching once inside your swim suit!

Some dinner at a nearby local diner and we headed for the closing service.  It is amazing how this service brings about much inner reflection and plentiful tears as we finished the series on “Pray As You Go”.

One last good night from Myrtle Beach!  We should be getting into Greensboro tomorrow night for our sit down dinner around 6:00pm or so. More news later…

Finished Foster Family Side

Mr. Al, on the Left, and Tony, the Contractor, Helped Keep Us Directored

Closing Night Cross

Wednesday, July 27, 2016    

Another ONE Bites the Dust

Today we returned to Fostering Hope to finish our projects that we had been working on for the past two days.  We painted, finished woodworking, built cabinetry and worked in sorting objects for the kid’s side of this ministry.  As the morning progressed Robert Kerr felt under the weather.  After a visit to the Doc-In-the Box, we discovered that he had an inner ear infection.  Now guess where Robert is…yes he is back in the triad, on antibiotics and recovering.  Our hope is that within 36 hours he will be feeling much better.  We shared with you on Sunday that we had made friends with two other churches. We need to share some news and ask for prayers for Melinda McDowell’s mother.  Melinda McDowell is the wife of the youth pastor from Brown Wesleyan in Gibsonville.  Melinda’s mother has fallen critically ill and is in ICU at Cone hospital.  The conviction and the closeness of this group was amazing. Upon receiving this discouraging information, the group decided to pack and leave tonight to support the McDowell family and be home to be with family. I ask our congregation to keep Melinda and the Brown Wesleyan congregation in all our prayers.

Tomorrow we will be working a half day and then at lunch time we are on our own.  We had planned to hang with Brown Wesleyan group but will find something to keep us entertained whether it be the beach or even an AC movie.  

Our intention is to be home close to dinner time on Friday.  Please continue to pray for us as we do you.  

OK!  So It's Not All Work.

The Artists at Work Making the New
Fostering Hope Building Beautiful

Wall Build, Check.
Wall Painted - Two Coats, Check
Counter Painted, Check

Tuesday, July 26, 2016            

Today was a less eventful day.  It is the second day on the work site and Fostering Hope is really starting to take shape.  You can now tell there are two sides to this huge space and it is filling fast with children’s clothes, winter coats, toys and even Halloween Costumes.  Our Team Effort leader was a little under the weather today, but no fear Kerry was here.  We painted, vacuumed, we made walls and created another dressing room.  We are blessed to be working inside and out of the direct sun, but today we even felt it.  The air was thick and didn’t move.  We finished close to four o’clock and everyone wanted a shower and a nap.  Tomorrow – more painting to come and then wherever Christ leads us.

We are blessed to have such a great family that follows our moves and prays for us daily.  We heard about the substation fire and hope everyone is ok and power and AC has been restored to all.  We too pray for our entire family at home and are looking forward to the next time we see each other. 

Careful Max, the Supervisors
Are Watching Closely!

Lisa Finally Heading Out for the Honeymoon!  Thanks For Your Help!

Lunch Break Is Always Welcome

Monday, July 25, 2016

Make it or Break It

Well today was definitely been a first in many ways.  After 7 successful years of no major injuries, we experienced our first hospital visit.  Our kids were enjoying themselves before heading to our worksite for the day.  In a weak moment, Bradin Routh made a decision that will be with him for the next 4 to 6 weeks.   Unfortunately, a quick decision turned into a broken leg.  It’s with a sad heart I share that Bradin and Haley have returned to Kernersville to have his leg set and cast for the healing process to begin.  Before their departure, Bradin and Haley came to the sight to help put their mark on this ministry.  They will be missed.

We have had an interesting day.  We turned an old furniture store into two different areas to serve the children in the community.  We put walls up and started our painting adventure.  We meet Ms. Tabby and heard her desire to assist the kids in need in the Conway public and thus the Fostering Hope ministry was born.  We might have sore thumbs (from missing the nail head) but we are ready for what tomorrow brings. 

Miss everyone and excited to see you on Sunday.

Happy Campers!

Measure 20 times;
Miss the stud 20 times!

Preparing for Devotion Time

That's Dedication!
Nothing Stops this Mission Team!

The End Result
ER at the Hospital

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Today has been awesome.  We started today with a great worship service where we were commissioned.  We took a few pictures, shared a lot of hugs and started on our journey towards the South Carolina coast.  The drive was pleasant and uneventful with a stop in Rockingham for lunch and then on to Conway.  We checked in at 5pm with two other groups to very nice conditions.  We have already made friends from Gibsonville and Greenville, NC. 

We have been assigned to assist with the Fostering Hope organization.  This group aids Foster kids in crisis. They run a thrift store to help pay the bills and also a store that helps with kids in crisis, whether it be financially, emotionally or physically.  We are honored to be partnered with such a great ministry.  We are excited about the week ahead and sharing our journey from Conway.



Commissioning of the Mission Team

Deluxe Boy's Accommodations

Mr. T Attacks


Entrance Requirements to the
Sleeping Quarters
World's Smallest Hoola-Hoop