2019 Mission Trip

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

The Intergenerational Mission Trip XI is in the books. We were blessed to have our college kids come back in force - thanks to Bradin Routh, Izzy Kerr and Robert Kerr for being awesome leaders and examples. Today we finished our ramp in record time. We left shortly after lunch to seal a deck, budget shop for the blessing box, and dinner in Greensboro. Started our morning with pancakes from Kerry and ended with dinner at Grace Community church Soup kitchen. These young men and women have grown a lot in the past 4 days and we are proud of where they are in their journeys. We have awesome participants this year and represented FPC very well. Please continue to keep each of us close in your hearts and in prayer. -- Amy Evans

Start of Wednesday's work day.    

Final Touches    

Getting down to the final boards.    

Looking pretty serious there gentlemen.    

Final Group Picture.    

Second job complete!    

Relaxing at the end of a LONG day.    


Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Day 2 was even better than Day 1 on site. We are almost finished with our 4 day project in 3 days. We worked through the warm day with a wonderful breeze at our backs to make it manageable. To make the day the best, started with a wonderful breakfast from Karen McIntyre and John Mills. We were visited on the work site by Faye Hodges, Priscilla Henderson and  Anne Waddell were they shared a great lunch. What a nice break to our day. Made it home to a fantastic dinner courtesy of Dale and Ellen Watts. We have been been fed like kings and queens  and have been shown love and are so very thankful.  We are excited about the upcoming day and completing the task that Christ brought us. Continued prayers are welcomed. -- Amy Evans

Benson & Andrew doing some frame work.    

Checking things out.    

Just about finished.    

Mission Team and Lunch Team    

(front to back:  Kelsey, Andrew, Benson, Priscilla,      Anne, Faye, Kerry, Elizabeth, Wesley, and Bradin)    

Monday, June 24, 2019

Day 1 on site was a huge success. We are a small group, but we work hard and make certain that the task Christ has invited us to serve in, we handle with a gracious heart. We had a beautiful, warm day and got our project well under way. We came home to a Mexican Fiesta - thanks to Ruth Kerr for the yummy meal. Worship was reflective and engaging. We are living by FAITH and we are all aware that our focus is on Christ. We thank you for your continued prayers. -- Amy Evans

A small group, but hard workers!   

Starting to dig the post holes.
Andrew Gaskins helping to create a frame.

Ladies of the Team taking a well-deserved break!

A wonderful Mexican Fiesta was enjoyed after a long, hard day at work.


Sunday, June 23, 2019

As Day 1 is coming to a close, it has been a refreshing day. We have a couple new youth that shares a lot of new thoughts and feelings on where the youth of today "live". We discussed our fears and how when we focus on Christ, our fears can't control us. Matthew 14:22-33. Please pray for our young men and women during this week while on this journey. They will accomplish amazing things. A big thanks to Ellen Watts and Dee Barham who came and enjoyed the evening with us. Christ's blessing to you all. -- Amy Evans