Presbyterian GadAbouts (PGAs)

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the PGA's have suspended their monthly meetings.  Hopefully once conditions surrounding the Pandemic have improved they will be able to once again meet.


The Presbyterian GadAbouts is a fellowship group of about 40 men and women who meet once a month for lunch and a time of sharing.  Most of the PGA members participate in the annual Easter Egg project.  But working on Eggs or being a member of First Presbyterian Church is not a requirement to attend.

The PGAs meet monthly for lunch and a meeting to discuss plans and activities for the coming month.   Membership dues are $5.00 a year.  The dues, augmented by a collection taken at each meeting, are used to help a needy family.

In addition to their monthly lunch meetings the PGAs have participated as a group in various local activities such as attending Dash games, touring wineries, attending the Barn Dinner Theater, and a trip to Cherokee, N.C.   In the past they have been on tours to Pennsylvania and New Orleans.