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November 2016


Cow Milker, Goat Owner, Baseball Player, Husband, Staff Sergeant, Father, Service Station Owner, Postmaster, Grandfather, Horse Lover, Great-Grandfather, Traveler and Presbyterian are words that describe Burch Idol. 

Burch was born on August 19, 1924, to Homer and Ethel Idol, the first of their four children. Four years later came a little sister, and four years after her came twin brothers.  He lived on a farm, primarily tobacco, in Bunker Hill.  They also had some cows on the farm, used for milking, which was one of Burch’s jobs as a kid.

At age 14, Burch was a goat owner.  His uncle owned goats, and he had a goat that Burch liked.  He asked his dad if he could buy the goat from his uncle.  He had the money.  His uncle agreed, and Burch became a responsible goat owner.  He took it home, and enjoyed playing with it in the yard.  When the younger brothers would play in the yard, the goat would sometimes run after them. It scared them and they would run into the house.  His dad said, “If you don’t do something with that goat, I’m going to kill it.”  After a short time, the goat had babies.  Goats usually had two babies at a time, but this one had three.  Burch was responsible for the goats.

One day Burch, and his cousins Glenn and Garland, were playing in the creek at Granddaddy Stafford’s farm.  They decided to build a dam in the creek.  They worked three to four weeks trying to make the water deep enough so they could dive into it.  One Sunday afternoon, the boys decided it was time to try it out.  Glenn decided he would go first (I’ll bet he was the oldest).  He was wearing a large straw brim hat that his Uncle Lee had given him.  He jumped in, and when he came up that straw brim hat was around his neck.  What a sight to see. 

Burch attended Kernersville High School until his last year, when he transferred to Colfax High School to play baseball.  His cousin Rex, attended school there and was the pitcher on the baseball team.  (Rex was so good that a scout from a major league team came out to watch him pitch.)  Burch played outfield.  He liked playing baseball there, but the best part of transferring to Colfax High School was meeting Aileen McGee.  He said she was the most beautiful girl in the school.  He knew in his mind that was the girl for him.

After graduation from high school, Burch, Rex, Garland, and Clay (three Idols and a Stafford) signed up for the military.  By signing up they would avoid the infantry.  If you had a high school diploma you could sign up for the Army Air Corps.  The boys were separated after signing up.  Burch was sent to Nashville, Tennessee for his basic training.

In October 1942 Burch married Aileen.  They rented a room in Nashville.  She couldn’t take much with her, so when she packed to go she packed a night stand with three legs that would screw off and a radio in addition to her clothes.  Everything had to fit in one suitcase.  

Burch was transferred to England and Aileen came back to Colfax to stay with her parents.

During his time in England, Burch worked at Headquarters processing new recruits.  When the war ended he was transferred back to the states to be processed.  When he arrived in Tampa, Florida, Aileen joined him.  After he received his discharge papers they returned to Colfax and Aileen was pregnant with twins.

Now it was time to get a real job, with a wife and twins on the way.  He worked for an upholstery company upholstering furniture.  Later he and Garland opened a Service Station in Colfax on 421 (the building is still there).  Burch then had enough money to purchase two lots.  On one lot he had a house built for his family, and he sold the other one to Garland.

When Aileen’s Mother got older and needed help, Burch and family moved in to take care of her.  Eventually they bought Aileen’s home place and  that’s where Burch is today.  They did have the house remodeled and enlarged. 

In 1960, Burch became the Postmaster at the Colfax Post Office.  He retired in 1984 after 24 years of service.  

Burch had always been interested in horses.  Now he had the time and place available to have horses.  He built barns and bought horses.  Everyone in the family had a horse -- Burch, Aileen, Becky, Dick and Mike. 

They joined the Piedmont Saddle Club.  They helped in the purchase of land for the Club, and the building of the Clubhouse.  The Piedmont Saddle Club is still operating today.  Burch and Aileen made many lifelong friends there.

After the kids were gone, he sold the horses, and decided to get out of the horse business.  For a while he and Aileen owned a house in the mountains.  After she got sick, they sold it and bought a 40 ft. Motor Home.  They made many trips to the Beach, toured the west, and New England.  Several of these trips were with friends from the Saddle Club.  Then they started going to Florida every year after Christmas for a two month stay. 

In April, 1969, Burch and the family joined First Presbyterian Church in Kernersville. Roscoe Fisher was the Interim at that time. Soon Jim Carriker was installed as the new minister. On January 11, 1970, Burch was installed as an Elder. 

During the 47 years of being a member of First Presbyterian Church, Burch has worked on the Building and Grounds Committee. He worked on this committee when the new sanctuary was being built. Burch has also been on the Stewardship and Finance Committee. He also has served the church as a greeter and an usher.

Burch has been a part of the Egg Ministry at First Presbyterian. His big job was melting the chocolate for the peanut butter eggs. He also cuts up boxes so they are suitable for delivery of eggs to businesses in Kernersville.

Burch is a good and faithful member, who can always be spotted with a smile on his face.


Burch is Most Proud: 
Of the home place he developed for his family to have a wonderful life.


Burch’s Words of Wisdom: 
“You can’t buy a good life.  It comes from family and friends.”



Cousins Still Together
Garland, Burch and Rex Idol (left to right)
Melting Chocolate