Celebrating Lucy Dillon

Lucy - 2017
Age 4 1/2 yrs.
Age 12 yrs.
High School Years
Graduation from Lindon High School in Alabama
Working at Southwestern Bell 1952


Celebrating Lucy Dillon

Kae Mattingly
May 2017

Which lady in our church grew up riding horses?  Her favorite subjects in school were English and Literature.  She played tennis and softball in senior high school.  In her senior year of school she was one of the three girls on the Homecoming float.  The football team voted for the Homecoming Court.  She met her future husband on a blind date.  You can usually find her sitting near the back of the church.  Today we celebrate Lucy Dillon.

Lucy was born on January 8, 1933, in a small country town in Marengo County Alabama (lower Alabama).  Her parents were Arthur and Ida Bell (Huckabee) Noland.  The town was noted for its big rivers, carrying large barges, and big trees, the long leaf pines.  She was the first born of three children and the only girl.  In fact, she was the only girl on her mother’s side of the family.  Her great grandfather was in the wagon making business in the 1800’s.  Her grandfather ran a general store selling a little bit of everything that people needed.  Her father owned and operated a general store.  Lucy worked in his store.  Her father taught her about money and how to make change for the customers.  She learned how to stock the shelves, always putting the freshest items in the back.  She grew up around many relatives and knew all the neighbors.  Her dad also had land and raised cows and horses.  She grew up riding horses.  They always had dogs around.

As a child, Lucy attended Geneva Presbyterian Church which was founded in 1837.  Her father was an elder and she can remember him, with his walking stick, collecting the offering.  She also had a brother who was ordained a Methodist minister.

For grades 1-3, Lucy attended First Nanafalia Elementary School.  Grades 4-9, she went to Myrtlewood Elementary School.  She changed schools because many of her friends went there.  It was a modern school with many classrooms.  It also had a tennis court which she enjoyed using.  She graduated from Lindon High School.  There were 33 students in her class and she ranked 5th from the top.  She had a lot of friends there and every day at lunch they would play rook.  She still keeps up with one of her friends from high school who now lives in Michigan.  In her senior year the football team voted for the Homecoming Court.  Lucy was selected as one of the three girls to be a part of the Homecoming Court.  The school had a parade and she rode on the Homecoming float.  After she graduated from high school she moved to Houston, Texas, to live with relatives, Willard and Eleanor Noland.  She was there only one week and was able to find a full-time job at South Western Bell.

When Lucy moved from Alabama to Texas, she had a good friend that did the same thing.  This friend and her boyfriend arranged a blind date with an airman they knew.  First question Lucy asked was, “Is he tall?”  The four of them went to the movies.  She thought he was pretty nice for an airman.  He called her the next week and ask her to go out again, and the rest is history.  They dated for a year and on March 1, 1952, they got married in Houston, Texas.  AW was stationed at Ellington Air Force Base in Houston.  He trained bombers and navigators, and worked on airplanes.  They got a small apartment, only a kitchen, living room, bed room and bath.  Lucy was able to keep her job at South Western Bell.  She did take some time off when Debbie, their first child was born.  They remained in Houston until AW was discharged in 1954.

After AW was discharged they moved to Danbury, North Carolina, where AW’s parents lived.  He got a job working for Piedmont Airlines.  They  moved to Winston-Salem so he would be closer to work.  Lucy took some time off to set up a home for the family.  In 1957 Janet was born and in 1961 Barry was born.  When Barry was in kindergarten, Lucy went to work for Southern Bell in the business office.  When the children were in school, Lucy went to PTA meetings and volunteered to help at school. They attended St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, where they were charter members.  Lucy and AW worked with the youth group for a couple of years.

In 1972, they moved to Kernersville.  They needed a larger home and found one on Nandina Lane.  In 1986, they moved to Post Oak where Lucy still resides today.

In 1989, Lucy retired from Southern Bell after working 30 years for the company.  AW retired in 1988 from Piedmont Airlines after 33 years of working.  One of the great benefits of retiring from Piedmont was the free air travel.  Lucy and AW took full advantage of this benefit.  In Europe, they have been to Germany, France, Austria, and Switzerland.  They have been to Mexico and enjoyed the beaches of Acapulco.  In the United States they have visited New England, all the east coast, Washington State to Southern California where they went to Death Valley.  They did the west coast twice.  They went to Las Vegas 3-4 times.  They visited several National Parks in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and Arizona.  They were able to go to Hawaii two times.  The South West was their most favorite place to visit.  They also have enjoyed the sights in Canada.

Lucy and AW joined First Presbyterian Church on September 1974.  Lucy has served on the Fellowship Committee and has participated in the Egg Ministry at FPC.  She is a member of the PGA’s and went on a trip to Pennsylvania with them.  She participated in the Back Pack Program for Kernersville Middle School. 



Make the most of each day.



Raising three good children and having seven wonderful grandchildren.
It is important to Lucy that her children and grandchildren know
the importance of giving back to the world.



Always do what is right in your heart and you will never
have anything to worry about.



Always speak to everybody.  Some folks you speak to and keep walking!
Lucy & AW Married in 1952
Lucy & Debbie in 1956
The Dillon Family Portrait
Lucy in 1980s


AW at the Naval Museum
in Pensicola, FL - 1990s


Lucy & AW in Austria
Early 2000s
Lucy, AW and Lucy's Brother Truman