Help! I Can't Do This Anymore

Help!  I Can’t Do This Anymore!

by Kathleen L. Thach

It was a bitter-sweet time. 

Memorial services can be that way.

Mary’s memorial service was now over.  Family and friends were re-gathering in The Jefferson House to enjoy a light meal and swap stories about Mary.    Sorrow and comfort merged as these stories were shared.

“Hi,” I said as I extended a hand to Mary’s daughter-in-law, whom I had not officially met.   “I’m Kitty.”

Her reaction was quick and animated.

“Oh, you’re Kitty!  I found a note in Mary’s Bible.  “Kitty.  HELP.”  That’s all it said.”

I laughed and explained.

“Mary was part of a Breakfast/Bible Study at my house every Saturday morning,” I began.    “And each week we exchange prayer requests, kind of like exchanging names at Christmas,” I continued.  “That was my prayer request one week!”  

I remembered that this morning, and I’ve been reflecting on it.

Help!  Just “help” and, as I recall, lots of exclamation marks.

I don’t know exactly what prompted such an SOS—EMERGENCY prayer request from me that week.  But there are times like that in my life.  Times when it seems EVERYTHING is a mess.  And I need help.  Period.  Maybe, on that particular Saturday, itemizing those areas where I sensed a deep need for HELP would have been impossible or time-consuming or overwhelming.  The specifics Too Numerous to Mention, perhaps.

Then there are those Saturdays where I stare at my little slip of paper and wonder what to write. 

And there are those Saturdays where I know what’s troubling me, but I convince myself it’s too personal a matter to put down on paper.

So that reminds me of the point of this rambling.

I need help.  You need help.  All of God’s children need help.

How’s that for stating the obvious?  Or, is it obvious?

Do you look around you and think you are the only one wanting to write your name at the top of a little slip of paper and write HELP!!!  “Everyone else” seems to have it all together?”

“Seems” is the operative word.  Much of the time what “seems” to be true isn’t true at all.

I’m a life-long learner, seeker of wisdom.  Seeker of substance.  I bore easily.  I absolutely love finding a book that grabs my attention and holds it to the end.  I buy books and get rid of books and buy more books. 

Sometimes book titles alone speak “volumes”.   I find nourishment in the titles of some books I’ve never read.  One of those books is “A Long Journey in the Same Direction”.     Throughout the last twenty years or so, I’ve thought of that title, and felt encouraged on my zig-zagging Christian journey.  Finally, I’m reading the book written by Eugene Peterson, who borrowed the words from Fredrich Nietzsche, a German philosopher.  It’s holding my attention.

I’m thinking now of journeys that are part of the BIGGER, overall journey of my Christian Life.  I’m thinking of fellow sojourners, especially those in our adult Sunday school class.  As we’ve focused on a variety of topics this year, we’ve acknowledged our need for help.  We’ve expressed gratitude for those who have come along side of us and given us help.

And that’s where I’ve been headed with this article from the start.

We HAVE help.  Live-in help.

Join us, starting September 11th, for a short series on The Holy Spirit:  Our HELPER.  All caps.  This series will serve as preparation for a longer series coming up in October:  The Fruit of the Spirit.