Recharging by Kathleen Thach


Kathleen L. Thach

I finally get it!  I have to charge my phone and tablet regularly.

Waiting for those shutting down messages isn’t smart. My devices and I now have an understanding.  I recharge them regularly, and they serve me regularly.

Given a natural bend toward seeing analogies everywhere, I see one here. I need recharging a lot more often than I think I should need it.  So I’m going to keep notes on what uses up so much of my energy.  Meanwhile, I’m in search of outlets for recharging me

Less inclined to look after my body than my soul, I need to make significant and measurable changes.  I must care for my body with intention and purpose.

My morning walk by the Lake firmly established, I’ve now started back to Water Aerobics.   I feel refreshed.  Recharged.

The Psalmist declared we are “fearfully and wonderfully made”.  (Psalm 139:14) 

Our bodies are awesome.  I marvel at how the human body has been designed to function.

For my tenth grade biology project, I taught the circulatory system.  I recall how I loved preparing the lessons and drawing charts.  My interest in learning was recharged.  Engaging in activities of interest to us can be very energizing.     

I recall how the circulatory system subject fascinated me. I was born with a heart murmur.  And now that I get annual echograms because of aortic stenosis, I’ve become even more fascinated with that system.

Many who, like I, are in the Eriksonian developmental phase labeled Old Age, see specialists in circulation, digestion, respiratory, skeletal, muscular and/or nervous systems.  And we talk about that a lot.  In fact, someone likened being around old folks to attending an organ recital.

Yet, I am guilty of taking my body for granted, for neglecting its care.  For much of my life, I simply expected all those systems to keep on functioning.  I assumed I would sail right through old age and into the great beyond without pain or pills or surgery.

What presumption!

So the point is this.  We need to listen to our bodies.  When our bodies aren’t healthy, our minds and spirits suffer as well.  What is my body saying to me?  What is your body saying to you?

Is your body telling you to get out of the recliner and take a few steps?  Our Fit Bits remind us that we need to take thousands of steps a day.

Is your body telling you to get some rest?  Sleep?  Experts say we need seven to nine hours of sleep per night.

Is your body telling you to drink more water?  Experts say we need an average of 8 glasses of water per day.

Is your body telling you to eat more fruits and vegetables?  Experts say we need about five servings per day.

Is your body telling you to move?  Experts say lack of movement can contribute to poor mental and physical health.

Is your body telling you to get fresh air and sunshine?  Experts say fresh air is required for respiration and for transporting heat and vapor from the body.  Sunlight increases our Vitamin D supply.

Let’s listen to our bodies and do what they tell us to do.  When we serve our bodies well, they serve us well.

A recharged body can lead the way to a recharged mind and spirit.

Now where did I put my walking shoes?  Wait.  I forgot my water bottle.  Ok.  I’m ready to walk.

No, I’m not.  My cell phone.  Where’s my cell phone?