Sunday School

Summer Sunday School Series

“Grace and Gratitude,”
by Charles Wiley


With this study, we will explore two important theological terms of Reformed and Presbyterian identity and conviction: "Grace and Gratitude."

These two words have important history within our tradition; and they live on in vigorous ways today. Charles Wiley says the terms together are "our gift to the wider church."  We see the essence of Christian faith captured in the combination, "Grace and Gratitude."  This is our witness to God's extravagant love expressed in Jesus Christ—grace; and our response as Christ's disciples, committed thankfully to doing God's work in this world—gratitude.

Explore the rich meanings of "Grace and Gratitude" as the story of your Christian life in the church. Let the depth and power of this image shape your identity as a Presbyterian Christian and provide the heartbeat of your faith, every day!

Join us every Sunday morning beginning June 3, at 9:30 a.m., in the double classroom.