Our Church Officers

First Presbyterian Church is governed by the Session.  The Pastor of the church moderates the board and the elders, who have been elected by the congregation, serve three year terms.  The Session of First Presbyterian is composed of nine elders who may serve two consecutive terms. It is a unicameral board; meaning that the Session is responsible for duties normally assigned to a Board of Deacons.  The membership of the church is divided into nine Flocks with each Flock assigned to a specific Elder.  The Elder is to provide pastoral care to his or her Flock.
The Session is responsible for the mission and government of the church. (Book of Order G10.0102)

More specifically the Session is responsible:

  • To provide opportunities for evangelism
  • To receive members into the church
  • To lead the congregation in mission
  • To provide for the worship of the congregation
  • To provide for the growth of its members
  • To develop and supervise the church school and the educational program of the church
  • To challenge the people of God with the privilege or responsible Christian stewardship of money, time and talents
  • To Instruct, examine, ordain, install and welcome into ministry elders and deacons
  • To delegate and supervise the work of the Board of Deacons and the Board of Trustees and all other organizations and task forces within the congregation.
  • To provide for the administration of the program of the church
  • To provide for the management of the property of the church
  • To keep an accurate role of the membership of the church   (Book of Order G10.0102)

The Pastor serves as Moderator of the Session.  The Clerk of Session, who is responsible for maintaining the records and minutes of the meetings, is elected from one of the serving Elders.

Class of 2018

Nancy Bolen

Bernie Krecklow


Class of 2019

Lorna Foster

Lynda Self

Class of 2020

Sam Henderson

Rich Tincher, Clerk of Session