Our Church Officers


First Presbyterian Church is governed by the Session.  The Session is a unicameral council comprised of six Elders, who have been elected by the congregation.  Each Elder serves a three-year term and may also be re-elected for a second term.


The membership of the church is divided into six Flocks and each Flock is assigned to a specific Elder.  The Elder is to provide pastoral care to his or her Flock.


The Session is responsible for the mission and government of the church.  More specifically, the Session is in charge of:

  • providing opportunities for evangelism;
  • receiving members into the church;
  • leading the congregation in mission;
  • providing the worship of the congregation;
  • providing for the growth of its members;
  • developing and supervising the educational program of the church;
  • challenging the people of God with the privilege or responsible Christian stewardship of money, time and talents;
  • instructing, examining, ordaining, installing and welcoming into ministry new Elders;
  • delegating and supervising the work of the Session and all other councils within the congregation;
  • providing for the administration of the program of the church;
  • providing for the management of the property of the church; and
  • keeping an accurate role of the membership of the church.

The Pastor serves as Moderator of the Session.  The Clerk of Session, who is responsible for maintaining the records and minutes of the meetings, is elected from one of the serving Elders.

Elders Currently Serving         
  Class of 2024 Class of 2025 Class of 2026
  Linda Volcek
Mike Polinsky
Spencer Sharp
Rich Tincher
Lorna Foster
Skip Smith