This Week's Activities

Sunday - March 17th
  9:00 am Cafe Faith
  9:30 am Sunday School
10:30 am Worship Service
Monday - March 18th
  9:00 am EGGS
  9:00 am Bulletin Information Due
  9:00 am Website Information Due
  6:30 pm Triad A Cappella Connection
Tuesday - March 19th
  9:00 am EGGS
  5:00 pm Weight Watchers
Wednesday - March 20th
  9:00 am Weight Watchers
  6:00 pm Fellowship Committee Meeting
  7:30 pm Choir Rehearsal
Thursday - March 21st
  9:00 am EGGS
Friday - March 22nd
No Scheduled Church Activities
Saturday - March 23rd
  8:30 am Women's Bible Study
  8:30 am Men's Bible Study
Sunday - March 24th
  9:00 am Cafe Faith
  9:30 am Sunday School
10:30 am Worship Service
Sermons -- Rev John Pruitt


Rev John Pruitt's weekly sermons are now available on video.  To access his sermons click on Read More.

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Whatcha Got Cookin' by Ellen Watts


My mama was a wonderful cook, but “bless her heart,” she could not make Mac ‘n Cheese that was edible.  Therefore, I never made Mac ’n Cheese unless it came from a box.



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Easter Egg Orders

First Presbyterian's Peanut Butter and Coconut Easter Eggs are now available.  

This year they are offered in both Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate.

For more information or to place an order please click here.

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Tales From the Bible by Mike Southern

"Bored to Death"


I’m often surprised by the stories we find in the Bible, although it’s not always for the reasons you might think. We expect to read about dramatic conversions and life-changing miracles, but let’s be honest—we don’t expect those stories to be embarrassing or even, in some strange way, funny.

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From the Pastor

"Lent Begins with Ash Wednesday"

March 2019

Lent begins with Ash Wednesday and Ash Wednesday begins, of course, with ashes. But why? Why do we gather and remember that we are all dust and ashes?

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