2018 Mission

2018 First Presbyterian Church
Mission Team

Mission Trip 2018

Thursday, June 21st

It’s a wrap – our 2018 mission TRIP experience has concluded and we have had a great time.  We have grown together as a group and as individuals, we have grown spiritually.  We have been blessed to be able to serve and have been humbled to have been served.  The beauty that God surrounds us with has been instrumental this week – the gentle breeze that has cooled off the hottest of days, the sweet taste of peaches to pick your spirits up, the sight of a friendly smile when you are about to collapse that says there is a little more left you can give and the sound of laughter over the champion of all Uno card games.

It has been an honor and a privilege to worship, work and relax with this wonderful group of Christians and FPC was represented very well.  Our missionaries that were part of this week came from West Virginia, South Carolina, New Mexico and from North Carolina.  They keep coming back because this week has assisted in each of their faith journeys and they believe in what occurs during this week and how it can change your way of dealing with life.  Let’s challenge each other to continue this attitude towards dealing with challenges that surround our day to day lives.  Together, with God’s help, we can do EVERYTHING.  Just because the TRIP is over doesn’t mean the mission experience is.  Each day has an opportunity so DO SOMETHING.

Wednesday, June 20th

Day three is in the books and we all are finally feeling it.  It’s been the three HOTTEST days so far in 2018 and God has given this group the strength, stamina and comradery to push through.  This intimate group has come together and taken care of each other more than any other trip because of the elements – we truly have served others as well as each other.

Day three saw the deck getting the start of the finishing touches.  We took special steps to merge the wood onto the driveway as to not have a huge gap or bump to cross to access the other.  The handrail and pickets were started.  When approached about doing a ramp for our mission trip, we were under the impression that it would take us two days at most, but this ramp is a beauty.  Its longer than expected and its solid and durable.  This will handle another tornado and see the other side.

Our hard efforts were rewarded today.  For lunch, instead of sandwiches and chips, we had a good ole Southern picnic.  Fried chicken, coleslaw, baked beans, and peaches was the menu with sweet tea as a chaser.  It was wonderful.  A huge thank you to Diana Chaplin, Priscilla Henderson, Faye Hodges and Anne Waddell for making the trip and feeding us both physically and emotionally.


Tuesday, June 19th

Another fabulous and hot day for our missionaries.  Community Housing Solutions and their fabulous staff have been great to work with and for.  We have learned so much and have accomplished a lot to benefit Ms. Juanita's ability to get around safely.

Today the ramp really came together.  We passed inspection and the deck boards on both platforms and the top half of the ramp was completed.  Everyone listened intently to our instructors to make certain the work we put in was of top quality.  Our hope is that tomorrow we will put in the bottom half deck boards, the hand rail and the pickets.  We also are going to be grouting and doing some clean-up work on her front steps to assure they are safe as well.

Worship tonight was filled with a great message about being "real" and that no matter how hard we try, God always see the true us.  These kids shared some great insight of how they handle their pressures and where Christ fits into their journey.  Very honest and moving.


Monday, June 18th

Can we say scorcher?  It was very hot in Greensboro on day one of our mission trip, but what a great adventure.  We are working with Community Housing Solutions and homeowner Juanita Pickett in building a handicap ramp on the side of her home.  Upon arriving, we had lumber and land ready and all CHS needed was willing hands to create the ramp.  By the end of day one all lumber has been cut, holes have been dug for the footings and pieces of the ramp have started to take shape.  We had the opportunity to spend some time with Ms. Pickett and her dog learning about her journey and how overjoyed she is about the new addition to her house.

For evening gatherings, we have had two wonderful dinners and former missionary teammates sharing their testimonies of how these trips have helped form their faith and how they live their lives today.  Robert and Bradin were our guests on Sunday and there was not a dry eye afterwards.  On Monday, the Evans girls shared their thoughts and feelings on the gift these mission trips are.  First Presbyterian is blessed to have these young adults be part of our congregation and want to continue to be part of the Mission Team family.


Sunday, June 17th

The Mission Team from First Presbyterian Church in Kernersville, NC is now official! We were commissioned in this morning’s worship service and are ready to serve. We did a quick tour of some of the tornado damaged area in Greensboro, and even after several weeks have passed there are areas still showing buildings totally without roofs, and twisted and torn trees lying about. We have had a quick peek at our job site for tomorrow and it appeared the materials are there waiting for us to begin.

A short devotion time, a delicious supper, a worship service and we are ready to wrap up the day. We even got a little service time in already today as a couple of our member worked on an ailing refrigerator with frozen up coils. Never a dull moment! Keep the prayers coming and keep looking for updates throughout the coming days. Blessings everyone!